Denver has been in the trading service for years which have helped us in building a strong-hold as a superior trading solutions in the industry. Denver is partnered with some of the best brands in the world in the area of Fire Alarm & Fire Protection solutions. The trustful dealings and earnest cooperations have made our client relations deeper. We are engaged in the trading of goods and materials, especially fire alarm system, fire protection system and building material for construction and MEP.

We trade QCDD approved Fire alarm systems, associated devices and Fire Protection systems like FM 200, Foam system, Inert Gas system, Novec gas systems, CO2 gas systems etc.

Regardless of the size of your business, property or its unique fire protection needs, Denver can support with every fire alarm and fire protection requirements your company needs. We can guarantee the quality of the products we trade. We focus on the superior quality products that amount at an affordable price for our clients. We care to provide after-sale services and maintenances if needed. Our customer service will be available always for the benefit of our clients.

  • Superior quality products
  • Affordable prices
  • Transparent trustworthy dealings
  • After sale services
  • Maintenances
  • Efficient customer service